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CarolsCats Alter Boys

Gary Hoffman

Heavenly Hairless Peterbald Cats

In Honor of Community Cat Coalition

Marlcreek Ragdolls

Rostov Almaz Toybobs

Stegra Orientals & Siamese

Linda Strait

Ragalong Ragdolls


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The Evergreen Cat Fanciers

A Two-Day, Twelve-Ring Back-to-Back Cat Show
(Traditional Format - 9 Allbreed & 3 Specialty Rings)

cat with hearts

February 9 & 10, 2019
Ferndale Events Center — Ferndale, Washington

IMPORTANT NOTICE! The show’s starting time on Saturday morning might be delayed
due to possible snow. For the latest updates, please visit the show's Facebook page.

Click here if you'd like to visit the cat show as a spectator.

Ring Sponsors
(Individual Rings)

In honor of LA SGCA Sunspirit Sugar Bear of SmokeyCoons
(Rings 1 & 6)

Kamisha Bengals
(Rings 2 & 4)

Mountainview Maine Coon Cats
(Ring 3)

(Ring 4)

Woodpile Maine Coons
(Ring 5)

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Elaine & Fred Weitz

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Elaine & Fred Weitz

Sunday Hospitality Sponsors

Sherrill & Dale McDowell -
Young At Heart Burmese